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Executive Coaching Course For Ebooks and Google Adsense

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To make any sort of money with Adsense requires one of two things : a few pages with LOTS of traffic or a lot of pages with low to moderate traffic. Let’s do the math. The average CTR (Click Through Rate, or the amount of people, expressed in percentage terms, that view the add and actually click on an ad) varies from publisher to publisher and web page to web page, but a 2% CTR is considered “good” in the web publishing industry. Thus, if the “Ads by Google” is displayed on your site 1000 times in a day (also known as how many impressions you get), if you have a 2% CTR, you can expect 20 clicks a day, on average.

How much you earn from each of those clicks is highly variable. Your earnings depend on your sites topic, internal Google algorithms as well as how much money advertisers are willing to “bid” in Google AdWords to have their ads displayed. There is no general rule how much you can earn for each click. On Big Sky Fishing, I’ve earned anywhere from between .04 cents per click on the low-end, to over $3.00 on the higher end. The average earnings per click tends to run between .20 cents and .30 cents, fluctuating somewhat during the year (higher in the summer, less in the winter).

So, for simplicity, let’s say you earn .25 cents per click. And you get 20 clicks per day. This leads to a daily income of $5.00. From here, you can let your imagination run wild – coming up with all sorts of various earning potential estimates by varying the click-through rate, the amount paid per click, how many times your ad is displayed, etc…

Your Pages Content

More than anything else, the content of your page drives your earnings. Pages that are about specific topics and which are in high-demand by advertisers (and thus, there exists a lot of “ad inventory”) will earn more money than general news pages or pages that are “multi-topic.”

The moral of the story is this. For maximum Adsense revenue, it’s generally good to have shorter pages that are laser focused on a specific topic.

Ad Placement

Ad placement is crucial in Google AdSense. If people don’t click on your ads, no matter how many times they’re displayed, you’ll still earn nothing. Where you place ads really is dependent upon your site layout and your traffic. But, a good starting point on the best places to locate ads is by visiting the Google Heat Map page on the Adsense help section.

I’ll be the first to admit that Big Sky Fishing.Com is not a “model site” in terms of ad placement. On this site, most of my ads are displayed below the “fold”…that is, a visitor does not see them immediately when they view the page. Generally, and my statistics prove it, ads displayed “below the fold” have a lower click-through rate than those displayed “above the fold” (how much you earn “per-click” remains the same, but how many times people click on an ad is lower).

So, why do I keep the ads there? Simp…I have no better place for them. My site’s layout is sort of set, and to make room for Google Ads “above the fold” wouldn’t look good (and regular visitors wouldn’t like them), require redoing my entire left-side menu system or redesigning the whole layout (especially the top header) of the site. Ultimately, and also because my content pages tend to run a 1.5% to 2% CTR, I’ve decided to leave things as they are. I guess I’m a believer in NOT forcing ads on people. And if that means acccepting less income in the short-term, then so be it… more……